About Freshly Kleen

Caring about your cleaning needs

Freshly Kleen Services is a fully licensed and registered company which deserves your trust. Our staff are hand-picked and hired based upon professionalism, personality and character.

Our Story

As an innovative woman, I realized the need for cleaning services

before occupying a just-finished building, whether residential or commercial. Initially, all cleaning for such properties was often done just for the sake of cleaning, and the actual tidying was left for the incoming occupants.

Noticing the overwhelming need and desire for cleaning services for such properties, I noticed an opportunity to better serve these potential clients. It's these very clients who kept calling us to continuously offer them further cleaning services, hence the motivation for us to expand. Our staff are hand-picked and hired based upon professionalism, personality, and character. Each member of our team has undergone background checks and thorough screening. Each Freshly Kleen team member receives training under consistent guidelines to offer outstanding quality service to all our clients. Our services are completed quickly and efficiently because we respect our clients' time and money. Because Freshly Kleen is an ambitious locally owned business, the ability to personalize services to our client's needs and desires is endless. Our number one priority is the satisfaction of our clients' needs.

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Our Vision

To provide services capped with excellence every time, everywhere.

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Our Mission

To provide high quality and affordable services with a touch of professionalism.

Our Core Values

  • Professionalism: To act positively, and in accordance with all instructions.
  • Reliability: To showcase a maximum degree of consistency and dependability in all assignments.
  • Caring: To have an inclusive concern for the wellbeing of our staff, clients, and the environment.
  • Integrity: To demonstrate sincerity, honesty and transparency on every task every daily.
  • Quality service: To deliver the promised services dependably, timely, and accurately.

Our Commitment

  • To establish, develop, and maintain a satisfied customer base.
  • To maintain a respectable public corporate image, and stick to the focus on customer interest.
  • To mind the interests of all people as well as the wellness of the environment.
  • To duly abide by all applicable legal and statutory requirements.

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    Washrooms Maintenance And Sanitary

    With our well-trained and fully equipped personnel, Freshly Kleen offers an uncompromised service of cleanliness to your toilets on either a contracted or daily basis. We do toilet deep cleaning, daily cleaning and maintenance, and we truly understand the impression of clean Lavatories to our clients.

    Floor Scrubbing and Polishing

    When you talk clean surfaces, Freshly Kleen services understands the language. We bring back life to surfaces of all caliber, whether indoor or outdoor. We clean, scrub, and polish indoor & outdoor tiled floors, concrete paved & unpaved floors, stone floors, clay-tiled roofs, metallic sheet roofs, to mention but a few. We are well equipped with all necessary machinery ranging from high pressure water pumps, industrial floor rotary machines, dryer floor machines, wet &dry vacuum cleaners, and so many more, which make our work not only simple, but also to perfection.

    High-Raised Window & Glass Cleaning.

    However high your building's facades and glass windows can be, we at Freshly Kleen Services perfectly
    clean them for you. We do high raised glass cleaning either on request, or on a periodic basis using certified
    window cleaning equipment that will leave no scratches, but rather leave the glasses dazzling spotless.

    Events cleanup

    Whether holding an indoor or an outdoor event irrespective of its magnitude, Freshly Kleen services will handle all your event's cleanup needs from start to finish. We handle sanitation and hygiene needs on events like weddings, sports activities, launches among other such events of whichever magnitude.

    Mowing and Gardening services

    Freshly Kleen services has become a trusted companion in Uganda for providing the most reliable and dependable gardening services. We support our clients grow and maintain neat, tidy and properly organized natural garden compounds.

    Executive Office Cleaning

    The impact of working in a clean and tidy environment is directly evidenced in the work results and that's why at Freshly Kleen, our objective is to create for our clients, a working environment that would not only be
    sparkling to everyone's eye, but also conducive for every one including your visitors.

    Upholstery Cleaning of all Types Sofa Sets, Curtains, Among Others

    At Freshly Kleen Services, our technicians use exclusively designed equipment to perfectly remove all dirt from your sofas, mattresses, well guaranteeing no damages of wear & tear on any of your textiles.

    Carpet Cleaning

    When you trust us with your carpets for cleaning, however messed the carpets can be, be sure to get them back brightly clean and as soon as you request. Relative to the typical steam cleaning, our chem-dry carpet cleaning process uses 80% less water so the carpets dry within only hours.

    Hospital Cleaning

    We do professional medical set-up cleaning at all levels ranging from the provision of disinfecting services, specific department cleanup procedures, floor care, and sanitation, Restroom Cleaning, Patient room cleaning, and all customized hospital cleaning services.

    Domestic Cleaning

    Freshly Kleen domestic cleaning services vary from dusting, vacuuming, wiping surfaces, mopping floors and blitzing kitchens and bathrooms. We do comprehensive home cleaning using our state-of-the-art equipment at your convenience. The close relationship we've created over the years with all our domestic clients, coupled with our guaranteed quality services has enabled us to leave a referenceable mark for all the assignments to which we have committed ourselves in the past.

    Commercial Services

    At Freshly Kleen, our fully trained personnel use specialized equipment to sanitize, tidy, and clean up commercial buildings such as shopping malls, arcades, residential apartments among other such commercial building setups. Being places that many people occupy at a cost, it's our objective that they stay free of any spot, and always remain appealing, to allow their occupants to get a feel of the value for their money.

    Post Construction Cleaning

    For all your post-construction cleaning needs, Freshly Kleen Services will be your dependable partner. Our committed team will ensure that your just completed construction sites are perfectly ready for habitation, presentation, and inspection. We do high dusting cleaning, vacuuming, sweeping & moping. We also do thorough door frame cleaning, as well as baseboard cleaning.

    Routine cleaning

    At Freshly Kleen, we have programmed our cleaning schedule to suite all categories of clientele. For those clients who may not necessarily require our day-to-day sanitation services, we have adjusted our schedule to fit in well with your needs. Based on how and whenever you require, we offer periodic cleaning and sanitation services such as carpet cleaning, floor scrubbing, roofing tile scrubbing & polishing, periodic dusting among other such services as and whenever you may require.

    Compound Cleaning & Garbage Collection

    We have mastered the basics of having a clean & neat compound irrespective of whether it's artificial, or a natural garden setting. It's these basics that we deliver to our clients. Freshly Kleenservices offers a broad range of exquisite compound and gardening services from mowing, down to slashing, flower trimming, among others

    Fumigation, Pest Control & Disinfection

    There is nothing as disgusting as sharing a home, office, apartment, or working area with uninvited guests such as cockroaches, rodents, termites, bats, rats, snakes, regular pest flies, mosquitoes, wasps among others. This is the reason why Freshly Kleen Services has come out not only to control, but also to provide a permanent solution to these pests. Using environmentally friendly chemicals, we provide a thorough pest control program on both residential and
    commercial buildings.